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Table 1 Selected 2012 characteristics of National Health and Aging Trends Study community–dwelling participants who were followed until 2014, by 2012 financial strain

From: Longitudinal and reciprocal associations between financial strain, home characteristics and mobility in the National Health and Aging Trends Study

  No financial strain (n = 3221)Financial strain (n = 212)p value
Mean baseline age 74730.321
Mean income: poverty 5.131.64< 0.001
Educational achievement %< high school1333< 0.001
high school2124
some college3131
≥ Bachelor’s3512
Gender %Male45350.015
Race/ethnicity %White8354(ref.)
Black720< 0.001
Hispanic620< 0.001
Relocated %No97940.094
Modified home %No86820.282
Mean home disorder index 0.501.25< 0.001
Able to walk %No680.184
Mean speed among those able (m/s) (n = 3034) 0.820.66< 0.001
  1. Note: 2014 sampling weights were used to represent the population of Medicare beneficiaries aged 68 years and older