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Table 2 Healthcare professionals involved in the collaborative medication review process (n = 43 practices) and process phases acted alone by particular professionals (n = 43 practices)

From: An inventory of collaborative medication reviews for older adults - evolution of practices

Healthcare professional’s contributionPractitioner acting alone in the phase of the processTotal number of practices (N=43)
 Patient identification122865
 Decision making on medication changes17401740
 Follow-up of medication changes12819
 Patient counseling on medication changes25819
 Medication reconciliation-25
 Instructing other health care professionals on how to follow-up1212
 Patient examination1212
 Medication review1212
 Charting admission notes for further review1212
 Developing the MR practice-12
 Patient identification373991
 Patient counseling on medication changes5121535
 Follow-up of medication changes8191535
 Informing other care team members about the patient’s health condition614819
 Implementation of medication changes25819
 Medication review-37
 Patient interview1225
 Medication reconciliation2525
 Identification of medication-related problems1212
 Ordering additional patient testing-12
 Developing the MR practice-12
 Patient identification6141740
 Follow-up of medication changes12512
 Patient interview-12
 Informing other health care professionals about the patient’s health condition-12
 Medication review1212
 Ordering additional patient testing-12
 Medication reconciliation-12
 Patient identification373274
 Medication review20472251
 Follow-up of medication changes25614
 Patient interview512512
 Developing the practice-12
 Patient counseling on medication changes-12
 Evaluation of the patients ability to function1212
 Patient identification-12
 Information not available 1126