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Table 1 Identification criteria for patients with medication-related problems (includes 12 practices that were reported to have explicit identification criteria). One checklist consists of multiple criteria

From: An inventory of collaborative medication reviews for older adults - evolution of practices

Identification criterian% of practices having criteria (n = 12)% of all practices (n = 43)
 8 medicines in use182
 7 medicines or more3257
 Not defined in detail3257
Renal dysfunction54212
 Low GFRb2175
 GFR under 60182
 GFR under 50 (60)182
 Not defined in detail182
> 75 years3257
 Older person, but age not explicitly defined182
Poor response to treatment4339
Poor adherence3257
Acute decline in general condition3257
Increased need to use health services2175
Delirium or disturbance of consciousness182
Dry mouth182
Concerns regarding possible adverse drug reactions182
Unclear or long medication list182
Multiple psychotropic medicines in use182
Multiple interactions182
Liver dysfunction182
Living at home182
  1. aRespondents did not specify the timeframe of the fall
  2. bGFR glomerulus filtration rate