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Table 2 Multiple regression analysis

From: Relationship between meaning in life and death anxiety in the elderly: self-esteem as a mediator

ModelDependentPredictorsModel summaryCoefficients
1Death anxietyPresence of meaning34.54**0.20−0.290.05−0.37**
Search for meaning−0.110.06−0.13**
2Self-esteemPresence of meaning54.87**0.280.360.040.46**
Search for meaning0.120.050.13**
3Death anxietySelf-esteem117.73**0.30−0.550.05−0.54**
4Death anxietyPresence of meaning45.70**0.33−0.140.05−0.17**
Search for meaning−0.070.05−0.07
  1. Note: ** p < 0.01