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Table 1 Structure and treatment at study centers

From: Improved outcome in hip fracture patients in the aging population following co-managed care compared to conventional surgical treatment: a retrospective, dual-center cohort study

Department• Department of Trauma Surgery
• Other departments on consultation basis
• Department of Trauma Surgery with geriatricians working within the team
Facilities• Trauma ward:
Single-triple bed rooms on different trauma wards with up to 30 beds
• Specific designed orthogeriatric ward:
Single-double-bed rooms on one ward with up to 44 beds
Treatment• Early mobilization after surgery
• Physiotherapy 1x/day (30 mins)
• Social care workers on call
• Early mobilization after surgery
• Physiotherapy 2x/day (30 mins)
• “activating care”: help for body care with greatest possible participation of the patient, shared meals with other patients in a common room with independent transfer (as possible)
• Interdisciplinary treatment with focus on: Somatic health, mental health, function and social situation