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Table 2 Cross-sectional linear mixed models assessing H1 and H2

From: Friendships that money can buy: financial security protects health in retirement by enabling social connectedness

 Cross-sectional sample of retirees (N = 3109)
DV: Mental healthDV: Physical health
Model 1 – Random intercepts for household and postcode      
Model 2 - CovariatesβSEpβSEp
Model 3 – H1
 Subjective financial security.29.02<.001.34.02<.001
Model 4 – H2
 Social connectedness.44.02<.001.21.02<.001
  1. Notes.: Each Model added variables to those included in the previous models. E.g., Model 3 added subjective financial security to the variables included in Models 1 and 2. β, SE and p are reported for the variable at the specific Model in which it was first entered
  2. DV Dependent variable
  3. H1: Hypothesis 1
  4. H2: Hypothesis 2