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Table 1 Final search strategy on Medline via Ovid

From: Understanding the care and support needs of older people: a scoping review and categorisation using the WHO international classification of functioning, disability and health framework (ICF)

 Key concepts Search terms
 Needs for care and supportOR“care and support”.ti,ab., “care need*”.ti,ab., “health need*”.ti,ab., “social need*”.ti,ab., “patient* need*”.ti,ab., “unmet need*”.ti,ab., “lived experience*”.ti,ab, “health priorit*”.ti,ab., “care preference”.ti,ab., “activit* of daily living”.ti,ab., Health Service Needs/, Patient Preference/
ANDOlder adultsOR“older adult*”.ti,ab., “older people”.ti,ab, elderly.ti,ab., elders.ti,ab., “ageing population*”.ti,ab.
ANDChronic conditionsOR“chronic disease*”.ab,ti,sh., “chronic condition*”.ab,ti,sh., “long-term illness*”.ti,ab,sh., “long-term condition*”.ti,ab,sh., “long-term disease*”.ti,ab,sh., disabilit*.ab,ti,sh., multimorbid*.ab,ti,sh., “multiple chronic”.ti,ab,sh., “multiple morbid”.ti,ab,sh.,Chronic, Illness/, Comorbidity/, Long Term Care/
  1. * This symbol represents unlimited searches for variations on a word that are formed with different suffixes