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Table 4 Changes to knowledge and confidence following facility staff face-to-face education

From: Process outcomes of a multifaceted, interdisciplinary knowledge translation intervention in aged care: results from the vitamin D implementation (ViDAus) study

Question Pre-Education (n = 348) Post-education (n = 434) P value
How much do you know about risk factors for low vitamin D levels? (proportion answering ‘considerable knowledge’ or ‘very knowledgeable’) 17.5 73.0 < 0.0001*
How confident are you at identifying residents at risk of vitamin D deficiency? (proportion answering ‘considerable confidence’ or ‘very confident’) 13.5 60.1 < 0.0001*
How much do you know about vitamin D supplements (benefits, risks, indicators, doses)? (proportion answering ‘considerable knowledge’ or ‘very knowledgeable’) 12.6 67.7 < 0.0001*
How confident are you about answering questions from residents or families about vitamin D supplements? (proportion answering ‘considerable confidence’ or ‘very confident’) 12.4 58.5 < 0.0001*
  1. *Represents a significant difference of p ≤ 0.05, using the χ2 test