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Table 1 Stepped wedge trial design and implementation timeline

From: Process outcomes of a multifaceted, interdisciplinary knowledge translation intervention in aged care: results from the vitamin D implementation (ViDAus) study

Month Wedge 1 Facilities Wedge 2 Facilities
0 Medication Chart Audit 1
1–6 Intervention
• Election of key contact person
• Dissemination of introductory newsletter to stakeholders
• Face-to-face education for facility staff
• Provided printed educational resources
• Dissemination of second newsletter to feedback baseline medication chart audit results to stakeholders
6 Medication Chart Audit 2
7–12 Intervention
• Meeting and development of quality improvement plan
• Dissemination of third newsletter to feedback six month medication chart audit results to stakeholders
Intervention (as per months 1–6 for wedge 1)
12 Medication Chart Audit 3
13–18 Sustainment Intervention (as per months 7–12 for wedge 1)
18 Medication Chart Audit 4