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Table 3 Themes, subthemes, and cite frequencies

From: From fragmentation toward integration: a preliminary study of a new long-term care policy in a fast-aging country

Mechanisms / Themes Subthemes Keywords Cite Frequency
1. Inter-entity organization and management 1-1. Lack of policy integration between government departments • Role, Standpoint 12
• Government Administrative 6
• Process, Procedure
  1-2. Lack of understanding of the new policy among service agencies • Inter-organization, Department, Linkage 5
  1-3. Lack of integration of vision and scope of service among service agencies • Service Agencies 14
2. Coordination of care 2-1. Barriers to coordination between government care manager and agency case managers
2-2. Agencies’ lack of understanding of care coordination
• Case Management、Service Plan Development 14
• Link the Resources
3. Integrated information systems 3-1. Challenges to information sharing among service agencies • Multi-information, Mix-information, Data, medical record 6
4. Integrated financing 4-1. Uncertainty about costs of recruiting new clients
4-2. Uncertainty about finance mechanisms
• Payment, Charge 5
• Cost