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Table 2 Responsibilities for the participants concerning the medication reviews

From: Implementing a novel strategy for interprofessional medication review using collegial mentoring and systematic clinical evaluation in nursing homes (COSMOS)

Participant Responsibilities
Physician Order relevant blood tests before the medication review. Already existing blood test results could be used if they were not older than two weeks. Medical decision-making, including choice of drug and dose.
Nurse Prior to the meeting use [56] to identify potential drug-drug interactions for each patient. Report the patient’s condition and complaints, and close observation and follow-up after changes in treatment. Information to patients, relatives, and nursing staff about changes.
Researchers Plan the meeting and compile the results from the baseline assessment of the patients on a spreadsheet. Guide the interprofessional team through the medication review. Provide collegial mentoring and updated knowledge. Give general information on the physician’s prescribing practice, such as average number of regular and on demand prescriptions, in comparison to national numbers