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Table 4 Functional assessment tests

From: A randomized controlled trial protocol to test the efficacy of a dual-task multicomponent exercise program in the attenuation of frailty in long-term nursing home residents: Aging-ONDUAL-TASK study

Test (Reference) Functions/Parameters Description
Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) (Guralnik et al., 1994)a Lower extremity function: static balance, gait speed and getting in and out of a chair Side-by-side, semi-tandem and tandem stands (10 s); 4 m walk test at comfortable speed and 5 quickly sit to stand from a chair without upper extremity assistance
Senior Fitness Test (Rikli & Jones, 2007)a Upper and lower extremity strength and flexibility, static and dynamic balance and aerobic capacity Chair-stands in 30 s; 6-min walking test; arm curl test (30 s); chair sit and reach; back scratch and 8 Foot Up and Go test
Instrumented Timed Up and Go test (BTS Biomedical G-WALK) (Mathias et al., 1986)a Dynamic balance Get up from a chair, walk 3 m at a normal pace, turn and walk back to sit down again
Instrumented walking speed (BTS Biomedical G-WALK) (Bohannon et al., 1996)a Standard gait parameters: speed, step frequency, cadence Walk for 4 and 9 m at comfortable speed
Bilateral handgrip strength test (Jamar dynamometer) (Fess, 1992)a Hand grip strength Squeeze the dynamometer with maximum isometric effort for about 5s
Berg balance test (Berg et al., 1992)a Postural stability Performance of 14 functional tasks
Accelerometry [Actigraph GT3X model (Actigraph LLC, Pensacola, FL, USA)] (Freedson et al., 1988)a Active and sedentary periods during everyday life 7 days period quantification of the number of steps performed per day and minutes completed at light, moderate or vigorous intensity
  1. aRodriguez-Larrad et al. [33]