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Table 2 Detailed description of the general DT group intervention

From: A randomized controlled trial protocol to test the efficacy of a dual-task multicomponent exercise program in the attenuation of frailty in long-term nursing home residents: Aging-ONDUAL-TASK study

Objective 1ST MONTH
Familiarisation phase
Strength development Static balance DT
Strength maintenance Dynamic balance DT
Strength 3–4 ex: 1–2 sets, 8–12 rep at 40–50% of 1RM 4–5 ex: 2 sets, 8–12 rep at 60% of 1RM 4–5 ex:1–2 sets, 8–12 rep at 65–70% of 1RM
Balance 2–3 ex, progressive difficulty in sitting position and progressing to standing position. 4–5 ex, progressive difficulty in standing position with decreasing arm support and increasing instability.
Dual-task In 3–4 of strength ex In 2–3 of strength ex and 1–2 of balance ex In 1–2 of strength ex and 3–4 of balance ex
  1. ex exercises, rep repetitions