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Table 2 Data collection schedule

From: Early coordinated rehabilitation in acute phase after hip fracture – a model for increased patient participation

Domain Assessment Pre-fracture Post-operatively At discharge One month follow-up
Personal ADL TLS-BasicADL X X X X
Instrumental ADL ADL-staircase X    X
Balance confidence FES(S)    X X
Functional balance BBS    X X
Functional physical mobility SPPB, TUG    X X
Self-rated participation 4-part questionnaire    X  
  1. Pre-fracture information collected retrospectively at hospital
  2. TLS-BasicADL Traffic Light System-BasicADL, FES(S) Swedish version of Falls Efficacy Scale, BBS Bergs Balance Scale, SPPB Short Physical Performance Battery, TUG Timed ‘Up and Go’ test