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Table 2 Data collection time table

From: The rehabilitation enhancing aging through connected health (REACH) study: study protocol for a quasi-experimental clinical trial

Assessment Screen Baseline 3 Month (Phone) 6 Month
(in person & phone)
9 Month (Phone) 12 Month
Informed Consent       
Mini-mental state examination X      X
Short Physical Performance Battery X    X   X
Long Distance Corridor Walk
(400-m walk test)
X      X
Demographic & Health History Questionnaire   X     
Technology Experience Survey       X
Physical Activity Item   X     
Comorbidity questionnaire   X     
Height/Weight & Vitals   X     X
Cognitive Battery   X     X
Hopkins Verbal Learning Test       
Trail Making       
Digit Symbol Substitution Test       
PHQ-9   X     X
History of Falls/Hospitalizations/ER/PT   X X X X X
Global measures of function & disability   X     X
Late Life Function and Disability Index   X   X   X
Self-efficacy   X     X
Activities Specific Balance Scale       
Barriers Specific Self-Efficacy Scale       
Brief Pain Inventory   X     X
McGill Pain Map   X     X
Computer attitude scalea   X     X
Grip Strength   X     X
Figure of 8   X     X
Trunk Extensor Endurance   X     X
Range of Motion   X   X   X
Leg Strength/Power   X     X
Stair Climb   X     X
  1. Computer attitude scalea: evaluated after one week of starting the exercise program