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Table 2 Results of quality appraisal of the interventional studies according to the Cochrane Handbook of Interventions

From: Thiazides in the management of hypertension in older adults – a systematic review

Source Type of study Selection bias Performance bias Detection bias Attrition bias Reporting bias  
1. Random sequence generation 2. Allocation concealment 3. Blinding of participants and personnel 4. Blinding of outcome assessment 5. Incomplete outcome data 6. Selective reporting 7. Other bias
Jamerson et al. 2008 [40]
Multicentre trial in US and North Europe UR LR LR LR LR UR UR
ALLHAT 2002 [24] double blind RCT LR LR LR LR LR LR UR
Chalmers et al. 2000 [28] double blind RCT UR UR LR LR LR LR UR
EWPHE Amery et al. 1985 [31], Fletcher 1991 [32], Staessen et al. 1989 [33]
Staessen et al. 1991 [34]
double blind RCT LR UR LR LR HR LR UR
HSCS 1974 [36] double blind RCT UR UR LR UR UR LR HR
HYVET pilot Bulpitt et al. 2003 [39] RCT LR LR HR HR LR LR LR
Beckett et al. 2008 [37]
double-blind RCT LR LR LR LR UR LR LR
Kuramoto et al. 1981 [41] Prospective clinical trial UR UR UR UR HR LR HR
MRC-O trial 1992 [44] single blind RCT UR UR LR LR HR UR HR
Malacco et al. 2003 [44]
RCT open design LR UR HR HR HR LR HR
SHEP pilot Hulley et al. 1985 [46]
Perry et al. 1986 [47]
Perry et al. 1989 [48]
double-blind RCT LR UR LR LR HR UR UR
SHEP Group 1991 [49], Hawkins 1993 [50], Perry et al. 2000 [51], Kostis et al. 1997 [52], Curb et al. 1996 [53], Savage et al. 1998 [58], Somes et al. 1999 [55]
double-blind RCT LR LR LR LR LR LR UR
  1. LR low risk of bias, HR high risk of bias, RCT Randomized controlled trial, UR unclear risk of bias