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Table 1 Characteristics of the 14 participants with late effects of polio (LEoP)

From: Perceived consequences of ageing with late effects of polio and strategies for managing daily life: a qualitative study

Age; mean years (min-max) 70 (61–78)
Gender (men/women), n 7/7
Age at onset of acute polio; mean years (min-max) 4 (1–12)
Duration of late effects of polio; mean years (min-max) 26 (9–43)
Living situation; with a partner/alone, n 11/3
Vocational situation; working/disability pension or old age pension, n 4/10
Residential location; house/apartment, n 8/6
Self-reported impairmentsa, mean (min-max) 27 (19–39)
Walking ability, n  
  < 100 m/ 100–1000 m/ > 1000 m 3/7/4
Use of mobility device, n 11
  1. aMeasured by the Self-reported Impairments in Persons with late effects of Polio (SIPP) rating scale, score 13–52 points, higher score = greater impairments