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Table 2 Themes and sub-themes derived from focus groups and interviews

From: Nutrition and dementia care: developing an evidence-based model for nutritional care in nursing homes

Themes Sub-themes
Person-centred nutritional care Stage of dementia
Psychosocial factors
Life histories
Health conditions
Generational factors
Cultural factors
Availability of food and drinks Accommodating changing tastes and preferences
Presentation of meals
Modification of food e.g. food fortification and using food
Prioritisation of food and drink
Delivery, prompting and offering a drink
Tools, resources and environment Nutrition screening
Modified equipment
Ready plated meal choice options
Contrasting colours
Constant prompting/encouragement/giving time to person
Environmental factors: Setting the table
Relationship to others when eating and drinking Relationship to family members
Relationship to care staff
Relationship to other residents
Participation in Activities Create aromas to stimulate appetite and evoke memories
Enhance appetite and sense of purpose and identity
‘Themed days’
Consistency of care Prioritisation of nutrition and hydration
Improved communication between all those involved in care
Provision of Information Access to trusted information and resources
Education and training
Current guidelines