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Table 2 The interview guide

From: The influence of day care centres designed for people with dementia on family caregivers – a qualitative study

Themes Sample question
1. Introduction - relationship Please tell me about your situation after NN got dementia?
In what way does the dementia disease affect your daily life?
In what way does the dementia disease influence your relationship?
2. Day care - in the beginning How did you experience the process ahead of DCC attendance and the first days and weeks?
3. A typical day Can you describe a typical day when NN is attending the DCC (before, during and after)?
4. Day care as a support and respite service To what extent and in what way do you experience the DCC to be a respite service for you as a family caregiver?
5. The content and quality of the DCCs What are your experiences with the content and quality of the DCC?
Are there some elements of the DCC service that are more important than others for you?
6. Summary questions DCCs are considered to postpone the need for residential care. What do you think about that?
What do you think about the future?
In summary, what does the DCC represent for you?