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Table 4 Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) on 4 factors using principle component with varimax rotation

From: Reliability and construct validity of the Early Dementia Questionnaire (EDQ)

Scale Item Loading on 4 factors
   1 2 3 4
Memory Require check list as memory support 0.493    
Difficulty in remembering events that took place in the past 1 week (recent memory) 0.660    
Unable to find kept item 0.641    0.343
Difficulty in remembering names/familiar faces 0.743    
Difficulty in remembering familiar road directions 0.522    
Repetitive questioning 0.534    0.329
Concentration Difficulty in following conversation   0.796   
Difficulty understanding reading   0.777   
Difficulty following stories on television   0.571 0.545  
Physical and emotional symptoms Difficulty carrying out daily house chores/work/hobby    0.578  
Difficulty in taking care/personal hygiene or using the toilet 0.396   0.349  
Disrupted movement (physical restlessness)    0.707  
Unsuitable reaction towards external stimuli (example: telephone ringing - emotional outburst)    0.700  
Obsession towards emotional event, although it has taken place long time ago (example: death of family member or friend)    0.485  
Not interested in surroundings    0.564  
Looking for support/assurance from partner    0.620  
Sleep and environment Night-day rhythm disruption     0.635
Restlessness at night    0.422 0.662
Confusion after moving houses/in a new environment     0.724
Outsiders aware of changes in term of behavior/appearance     0.429