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Table 4 Prevention services as viewed by the surveyed target groups

From: Reaching the Elderly: Understanding of health and preventive experiences for a tailored approach – Results of a qualitative study

Category Women aged Men aged Men aged Women aged
65 to 75 years 65 to 75 years 76 years and older 76 years and older
Experiences Prefer group activities Were/are active in a sports club No longer active in a sports club Some; currently rather little
Various positive and negative experiences Focus on exercise Health-promoting exercise on self-initiative Active in self-initiative
Barriers Fear of failure and/or injury Classes “occupied” by women Classes “occupied” by women Lack of social acceptance
Focus on performance of many groups Association with illness Lack of age-appropriate (sports) classes /services Coping with daily life takes up energy
Preferences Offerings with a holistic approach Health insurance company contact as individual advisor Age-appropriate social activities (e.g., organized walks) Age-appropriate social (exercise) activities with or without spouse
Group activities
Activities close to one’s home Activities close to one’s home