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Table 3 Pharmacological agents in development with potential for treating sarcopenia

From: Sarcopenia in daily practice: assessment and management

Mechanism of action Drug name Drug Developer Indication sought Study phase
I. Myostatin Antagonists
 Activin receptor trap ACE-031 Acceleron Duchenne muscular dystrophy Phase 3 (trial terminated early)
 Myostatin antibody REGN-1033 Regeneron/Sanofi Sarcopenia Phase 2
  LY-2495655 Eli Lilly Hip arthroplasty Phase 2
Elderly Fallers
Cancer Cachexia
  PF-06252616 Pfizer Inclusion body myositis Phase 1
 Activin receptor inhibitor Bimagrumab (BMY338) Novartis Sarcopenia Phase 2 and 3
Hip fracture Phase 2
Cancer and COPD cachexia  
II. Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators Enobasarm (Ostarine) GTx Cancer Cachexia Phase 3 (did not meet primary endpoint)
III. Skeletal Troponin Activators Tirasemtiv Cytokinetics ALS Phase 2,3
CK-2017357 Myasthenia Gravis