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Table 1 Research version of the ETAM

From: Validation of the Erlangen Test of Activities of Daily Living in Persons with Mild Dementia or Mild Cognitive Impairment (ETAM)

ICF domain “Activities and Participation” Item (maximum achievable total score) Task areas
Chapter 3: Communication Phone call (6 points) Finding a telephone number in the phone book. Making a call with a mobile phone for older adults, listening to and reporting the text of a voicemail.
Chapter 4 Mobility Traffic situations (6 points) Understanding basic rules in road traffic situations on the basis of example situations (e.g., traffic lights)
Train timetable (3 points) Calculating the time before the train comes and the duration of the train ride
Chapter 5 Self-care Medication indication (6 points) Assigning a particular medication to an indication (pain killers, cough medicine, for stomach problems)
Medication expiry (6 points) Checking how long a medication can still be used (using the expiry date)
Pill organiser (6 points)a Placing medications in a pill organiser according to a predefined schedule, for 4 different times of day for a particular day
Chapter 6 Domestic life Making tea (3 points) Making a cup of tea with a kettle
Alarm clock (3 points) Reading and setting times
Washing the dishes (6 points) Washing and drying the teacups that have been used
Chapter 8 Major life areas – economic life Finances (6 points) Comparing offers, adding up sums of money, counting money
  1. aThis item was formerly called “medication box” in the pilot study [31]