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Table 4 Collapsed rare variant analysis of candidate genes associated with HAI. These genes were found to have a p-value <1.0x10−3 by at least one burden-testing algorithm

From: Candidate gene resequencing to identify rare, pedigree-specific variants influencing healthy aging phenotypes in the long life family study

Phenotype Gene RefSeq Total Exons Analyzed Exons Indiv Seq (#) Variants called (#) Ped (#) P-value (PWST) P-value (Skat)
Healthy Aging Index (Mortality Weighted) GSK3B NM_002093 12 8 3217 77 121 1.00E-4 2.08E-4
Diastolic Blood Pressure NOTCH1 NM_017617 34 3 4112 55 78 1.00E-4 5.37E-3
HDL Cholesterol TP53 NM_000546 11 6 4073 21 86 1.00E-4 8.05E-3