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Table 1 Differences between WICM and care as usual

From: The effects of a pro-active integrated care intervention for frail community-dwelling older people: a quasi-experimental study with the GP-practice as single entry point

  WICM Care as usual
Role GP Single entry point, coordinator of care Gatekeeper
Pro-activeness versus reactiveness Entire patient population of 75+ is screened for frailty Patients receive care on their own initiative
Comprehensive assessment of care needs with EASYcare Patients receive care for specific health problems
Treatment plan Multidisciplinary treatment plan No or monodisciplinary treatment plan
Care coordination Case management: monitoring, admittance to services, contact person for professionals, evaluating treatment plan No case management
Communication Multidisciplinary meetings and web-based files Bilateral communication by phone calls and letters
Protocols Multidisciplinary protocols Monodisciplinary protocols
Network Network structure No participation in provider network