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Table 3 NH Residents level of engagement and outlook on life

From: “Everyone else gets ice cream here more often than I do—It burns me up” - Perspectives on Diabetes Care from Nursing Home Residents and their Doctors

Themes Representative CLC Resident Quotes Representative Physician Quotes
Engaged and Positive “The most important thing to me is getting myself well and… to realize how I am eating and is it a positive or negative cause and am I causing this.” (#12, Female, 78)
“You’ve got to wake up. If you don’t wake up, hey, then they can only help you so far. So you have got to wake up. You have to take your medicine, you have to go to the different clinics and you co there because your body is not right and you’ve got to make it right.” (#12, Female, 78)
“It’s a team effort. I don’t dictate to my patients and I discuss with them and I think you–again, part of our job is to educate them, tell them what the complications are and, hopefully, they understand and will take it from there.” (#10, Male, 44)
“Diabetes is something that [not] only the physician can treat, like most diseases you need the patient’s buy-in.” (#8, Female, 50)
Passive and Pessimistic “I just take the medicine and hope for the best…and just do what they tell me to do.” (#10, Male, 66)
“I don’t know [what] they say to me. They just write out prescriptions and give me medicine for what. That’s about it…There’s nothing I can do about [diabetes]; I can’t do nothing about it.” (#3, Male, 74)
“I think for overall, [my patient] didn’t care as much about what I did with his medicines, he was sort of more passive about things.” (#1, Female, 31)