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Table 4 Reliable Change Index (RCI) of Concerns about Falls

From: Effectiveness of a home-based cognitive behavioral program to manage concerns about falls in community-dwelling, frail older people: results of a randomized controlled trial

  Control group Intervention group
n = 161 n = 133
Concerns about Falls (FES-I) n (%) n (%)
 Reliable deteriorationa 23 (14.3) 9 (6.8)
 Not improved 124 (77.0) 94 (70.7)
 Reliable improvedb 14 (8.7) 30 (22.6)
  1. Concerns about falls is measured with the FES-I (range total scale 16–64; higher scores indicate more concerns about falls). The FES-I reliable change index (RCI) score is calculated according to the outcomes on baseline and 12-month follow-up
  2. aRCI score 1.96 or higher (equal to a FES-I score difference of 9 or higher)
  3. bRCI score −1.96 or lower (equal to a FES-I score difference of −9 or lower)