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Table 2 Categories

From: Living with and dying from advanced heart failure: understanding the needs of older patients at the end of life

A. Patient understanding of disease and prognosis

B. Delivery of health care

1. Dealing with advanced heart failure and ageing

1. Perceptions regarding care

 a. Perception of heart failure

 a. Appropriateness of (medical) care

 b. Adaption to changing conditions

 c. Appraisal of quality of life

 b. Continuity of care

 d. Information regarding the illness

2. Interpersonal relations

2. Dealing with the end of life

 a. Interaction in the processes of care

 a. Value and worthlessness in old age

 b. Preparation for death

 b. Specific aspects in physician-patient interaction

3. Meaning of familya

  1. aThis category is briefly introduced here and will be outlined in detail in the first author’s doctoral thesis, which will be published elsewhere