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Table 1 Most contributive modalities to the factorial axes, displayed along the domains of the Chronic Care Model [5]

From: A comprehensive grid to evaluate case management’s expected effectiveness for community-dwelling frail older people: results from a multiple, embedded case study

Domains of the Chronic Care Model Criteria Abbreviation
Appropriate workforce Turnover of the case manager tur
Skills of the case managers ski
Tailored service design and organisation Adequacy of the inclusion criteria ade
Community linkages Partnership with coordination centres par
Appropriate financial incentives Financial accessibility to the programme fin
Financial incentives to engage the general practitioner inc
Processes in support of quality of care Feed-back to the general practitioner fba
Monitoring of the care plan mon
Knowledge management and decision-support Use of evidence-based, multidisciplinary protocols ebp
Presence of reflective discussion among peers int
Clinical information tools Use of a registry reg
Reminders and prompts to organise the care rem