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BMC Geriatrics

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Biliary fistula following open colecystectomy: report of a case and review of literature

  • Vincenzo Napolitano1,
  • Alessandro Spizzirri1,
  • Lorenzo Cattorini1,
  • Eriberto Farinella1,
  • Roberto Cirocchi1,
  • Giammario Giustozzi1 and
  • Francesco Sciannameo1
BMC Geriatrics20099(Suppl 1):A15

Published: 1 April 2009

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Archived Comments


    5 November 2009

    Vikal Shakya, BPKIHS

    The cause of the conversion has not been mentioned anywhere in the case report. Neither do we have nay photographs that can give us an idea of the type of the bile dust injury (assumed from the discussion section). The spelling of cholecystectomy in the title is also incorrect.

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Authors’ Affiliations

Clinica Chirurgica Generale e d'Urgenza Az. Ospedaliera "S. Maria", Università degli Studi di Perugia