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Table 4 Costs for the Mobile Smoking Cessation Programme (MSCP)

From: Effectiveness of a mobile smoking cessation service in reaching elderly smokers and predictors of quitting

Costs HK$
Fixed capital costs Not costed
Stationary and equipment 1,220
MSCP service costs  
Salary of part-time smoking cessation counsellors 328,569
Salary of other part-time supporting staff 18,671
NRT costs  
Costs for 4 week free supply (50% discounted price) 109,223
Biochemical validation costs  
Cost for urine cotinine test 7,294
General expenses  
Transportation 8,622
Photocopies 3,465
Hidden cost (Time spent by the programme director and other members of the project team) Not costed
Total cost (in HK$) 477,064
Total cost (in US$) 61,162
(US$47,159 excluding NRT costs)
  1. Note: US$1 = HK$7.8
  2. Cost per smoker contact = US$61162/1140 = US$53.65
  3. Cost per subject with intensive counselling = US$61162/365 = US$167.57
  4. Cost per successful self-reported quitter (intention to quit) = US$61162/103 = US$593.81 (US$457.82, excluding NRT costs)
  5. Cost per validated quitter (intention to quit) = US$61162/74 = US$826.54 (US$637.18, excluding NRT costs)