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Table 2 Points given in care levels

From: Measuring care of the elderly: psychometric testing and modification of the Time in Care instrument for measurement of care needs in nursing homes

Level Points Term
1 0–11 Little or no caring need (help with: bath, shower, cleaning, shopping etc)
2 12–23 Moderate caring need (help with: shower/bath, attention once a day in personal care, administration of drugs, cleaning)
3 24–33 Increased caring need (help several times a day with personal care. Can't go to the toilette by themselves, help with dressing, shower/bath and social services)
4 34–43 Very much increased caring need (can't do anything in the daily care, problem with cognitive dysfunction, medical care, can't live by themselves)
5 44 + Totally increased caring need (totally help in all four factors, palliative care)
  1. Note. The scale scores are given in range 0–4 points in the instrument.