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Archived Comments for: Adverse outcomes following hospitalization in acutely ill older patients

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  1. Patient status influenced by hospital stays

    Meri Carlstedt, Quasi-pro reader

    4 June 2008

    As I am unable to understand all the ins & outs of a computer's workings--i.e. provisional--, and stupidly confess to all the scientific jargon, I will comment on this article anyway. I was a patient for 3 months in a Nursing Facility several years ago and from my observation and my experience, I observed & experienced patients becoming increasingly dependent & passive the longer they stayed in that state. Why? There were at least 2 reasons (probably more). 1). There was little or no attempt to encourage participation. If there was an interview attempt by an Activities Professional, there was little or no attempt to encourage long term ineraction; 2)There was little attemp to listen to the patient, to gain any kind of feeling for what the patient had to offer.

    I feel this is true of hospitals in general!

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