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Table 1 Attributable etiology after fall assessment (n = 41)

From: Gait disorders are associated with non-cardiovascular falls in elderly people: a preliminary study

Domain Principal cause Number of patients
Neuromuscular Parkinsonism syndrome 3
  Unexplained Ataxia 2
  Lower extremity weakness 7
Sensory Dizziness or vertigo 2
  Visual impairment 4
  Peripheral neuropathy 3
Orthopedics Osteoarthritis (including foot problems) 8
  Hip problems or deformity 6
CV causes* Orthostatic hypotension 2
  Postprandial hypotension 1
  Vasovagal syndrome 2
  Carotid sinus hypersensitivity 1
  1. *CV causes: neurally mediated cardiovascular cause