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Table 5 Case example of assessment by a nurse with the RAI-HC: triggered health risks

From: Design and pilot results of a single blind randomized controlled trial of systematic demand-led home visits by nurses to frail elderly persons in primary care [ISRCTN05358495]

Client Assessed Problem Observed Action undertaken earlier? Relevant action now? Immediate action? Action later?
1. ADL / Revalidation potential X   X   
2. IADL / more formal care      
3. Health promotion      
4. Risk intramural admission      
5. Communication impairment      
6. Visual impairment      
7. Alcohol abuse      
8. Cognition      
9. Behavior      
10. Depression and Anxiety      
11. Abuse      
12. Social functioning      
13. Heart and lungs X   X   
14. Dehydration X    X  
15. Falls      
16. Nutrition      
17. Dental health      
18. Pain      
19. Bedsores X X    
20. Skin and food problems X   X   
21. Compliance      
22. Vulnerable support system      X
23. Medication management      
24. Palliative care      
25. Preventive health X     X
26. Psychofarmaca use X X    
27. Reduced service package      
28. Environment      
29. Feces incontinence      
30. Urinal incontinence catheter X