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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Design and pilot results of a single blind randomized controlled trial of systematic demand-led home visits by nurses to frail elderly persons in primary care [ISRCTN05358495]

Inclusion: • Age 75 years and over and listed as general practice patient
  • Living at home
  • Frail: Self reported Health score in the worst quartile of at least two of six COOP-WONCA charts (scoring range: 1, excellent, to 5 very bad): Overall health ≥4; Physical fitness ≥5; Changes in health ≥4; Daily activities ≥4; Mental health ≥3; Social activities ≥3
Exclusion: • Terminally ill as determined by PCPs
  • Persons with dementia symptoms according to MMSE or 7-minute screen
  • Living in residential homes.
  • Participating in other research projects