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Table 1 Recommendations of French CTIN for the control of MRSA

From: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus(MRSA) in rehabilitation and chronic-care-facilities: what is the best strategy?

Early identification of patients colonized and/or infected with MRSA
   Information of the status of the previously known MRSA positive patients at the time of hospital-to-hospital or ward-to-ward transfer
   Detection of MRSA colonization and/or infection based on clinical samples
   Detection of MRSA carriage based on screening samples (without precision on which sites should be cultured) at admission and during hospitalisation in high risk MRSA acute care facilities or in all facilities in case of outbreaks
Barrier isolation of MRSA positive patients
   Technical isolation including
Compliance to hand disinfection,
Use of gloves and gowns for all contact with patients or their environment,
Use of dedicated medical equipments
   Geographical isolation (individual rooms) or cohorting "which considerably facilitates the application of technical isolation"*
Decolonization with mupirocin associated with antiseptic daily body cleansing*
  1. The procedures mentionned in italic are proposed by the CTIN as complementary measures and are implemented according epidemiological situation of the hospital and/or the ward