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Table 3 Measurements on living unit level

From: Longitudinal evaluation of dementia care in German nursing homes: the “DemenzMonitor” study protocol

Unit level (Living Units [LU] – assessed by head nurses)
Conceptual domain Operational definition Number of items Empirical measure
General characteristics Number of beds in long term care / respite care 2 Free-text
Number of residents at day of data collection in long term care / respite care 2 Free-text
Staff characteristics Staff divided in subgroups working on the ward at certain times (4) (registered nurses (RN) / nursing assistants (NA) / nursing students / additional care staff / facilitating services) 36 Free-text
RN and NA are constantly allocated to the unit 1 Yes/No
Service workers are constantly allocated to the unit 1 Yes/No
Continuous presence of a RN during day shift 1 Yes/No
Qualification of the head nurse of the unit (Psychogeriatrics / Psychiatry / Palliative care) 3 3-response option
Characteristics of living environment Number of single / double / multi-shared rooms 3 Free-text
Dementia specific architecture 1 Yes/No
Time span since last modernization 1 6-response option
Permission of residents to bring own furniture 1 Yes/No
Furnishing of public rooms (more functional / functional and individual / more individual) 1 3-response option
Permission to bring a pet 1 Yes/No
Possibility to have contact with animals 1 Yes/No
Accessible (safe-guarded) outdoor area 1 Yes/No
Preparation of meals in the living-unit 1 Yes/No
* Preparation of breakfast / lunch / coffee & tea / dinner / snacks 5 Yes/No
Meal serving system (tablet / served by staff / buffet / home-like) 3 Yes/No
Living and Care Concept Living arrangement (integrative/segregative) 1 2-response option
Structural segregation 1 Yes/No
Exit control 1 Yes/No
Special refinancation of segregative living unit (SLU) 1 Yes/No
* Scope of refinanciation (staff / concept / structure / others) 4 Yes/No
* Criteria for admission to SLU (diagnosis of dementia / care level / dementia severity / challenging behaviour / mobility / others) 6 Yes/No
Provision of dementiacare Performance of case conferences (CC) 1 Yes/No
* Characteristics of CC: CC are following a structured procedure / CC are conducted multidisciplinary / an external moderator is involved if needed / invitation of residents / relatives / results are recorded / results are evaluated / during CC’s staff has no other duties 7 Yes/No
* Occupational groups invited to CC (residents / relatives / legal guardian / head nurse / nurses / additional care staff / physicians / therapists / others) 9 Yes/No
* Time schedule of CC 1 3-response option
* Location of case conference (conference room / nurses office / staff recreation room) 1 3-response option
* Frequency of disruptions of CC due to work demands on the living unit 1 4-response option
Snoezelen equipment on the living unit 1 Yes/No
Performance of physical activities (PA): duration 8 Free-text
Performance of PA: frequency 8 3-response option
PA for residents with mobility restrictions 1 Yes/No
  1. * Conditional answer depending on previous answer.