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Table 1 Characteristics of the participants

From: Frail elderly patients’ experiences of information on medication. A qualitative study

Participant no Age Gender Number of medications Marital status Educational level
P1 82 female 4 widow compulsory education1
P2 76 female 7 divorced vocational education2
P3 76 male 13 married compulsory education
P4 81 female 11 widow vocational education
P5 84 male 5 married vocational education
P6 78 male 6 cohabitant compulsory education
P7 72 female 3 married vocational education
P8 87 male 10 widower vocational education
P9 82 female 19 other vocational education
P10 68 female 16 cohabitant vocational education
P11 88 male 10 widower vocational education
P12 80 female 4 widow high school diploma
  1. 1 For subjects at this age school was compulsory for six years, from the age of seven to thirteen.
  2. 2 Vocational education comprised courses directed towards future employment in such fields as plumbing, tailoring, secretarial work etc. It did not involve taking an examination that would qualify the student for academic studies at the further education level.