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Volume 10 Supplement 1

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Medical treatment of actinic keratoses and superficial skin cancers: diclofenac

In patients who develop early signs of fotocarcinogenesi, the actinic keratosis are one of the most frequent events that can lead to problems of therapeutic management, especially if for business reasons or lifestyle, they are repeatedly and chronically exposed to the sun. In these patients the lesions are often widespread and recurrent, and may require repeated treatment cycles.

It is in these cases that treatment with topical diclofenac 3% gel hyaluronic acid can provide good results thanks to its efficacy, tolerability, the patient compliance and excellent cosmetic results compared to other conventional therapies.

It presents a brief review of clinical cases with the treatment modality and they discuss the indications and efficacy.

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Valenti, G. Medical treatment of actinic keratoses and superficial skin cancers: diclofenac. BMC Geriatr 10 (Suppl 1), L48 (2010).

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