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Volume 10 Supplement 1

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Muscle-skeletal fragility: data about elderly people who live in RSA in Calabria

Clinical background

This screening aims to value the osteoporosi’s and the ipo-vitamin D incidence in patients who live in RSA. The vitamin D is important for calcium and bone metabolism and its deficiency causes Miopatia prossimale, one muscle disease. People over 65 live in the RSA live.

Materials and methods

The valuation begins with a clinical situation to show the risk factors for osteoporosi’s disease: the risk of falls and the previous fragility fractures in particular. After we value the BMD, the blood exams and the x-ray of lumbar and dorsal spine to show the vertebral fractures.


54 people, 35 females, 19 males, average 80. 19 patients showed one fragility fracture. The risk of falls was absent in 21 patients, light in 3 patients, middle in 10 patients, high in 20 patients. The BMD was osteoporotic in 37 patients, osteopenia in 8 patients, normal in 6 patients. All patients showed ipo-vitaminosys D. we could make xray in 16 patients only. This was this was the result: 13 patients showed one vertebral fracture, at least.


We demonstrate, once again, that the ostoeporosis and the ipovitaminosys D state are under estimated.

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