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Table 2 Association of MDS 2.0 items with Braden Scale Subscales in Ontario Long-Term Care Homes

From: Development of the interRAI Pressure Ulcer Risk Scale (PURS) for use in long-term care and home care settings

Braden Scale Domain Candidate items from MDS 2.0 (item code) Correlation coefficient*
Sensory Perception cognitive skills for decision making (B4) -0.67
  transfer (G1ba) -0.62
  making self understood (C4) -0.50
Moisture bowel incontinence (H1a) -0.68
  bladder incontinence (H1b) -0.54
  Personal hygiene (G1ja) -0.52
Activity walk in room (G1ca) -0.85
  bed mobility (G1aa) -0.80
  wheelchair use (G5d) -0.77
Mobility walk in room (G1ca) -0.81
  transfer (G1ba) -0.81
  bed mobility (G1aa) -0.77
Nutrition leaves food uneaten (K4c) -0.48
  weight (K2b) 0.41
  body mass index (uses K2a, K2b) 0.38
Friction/shear transfer (G1ba) -0.75
  bed mobility (G1aa) -0.72
  walk in room (G1ca) -0.70
  1. *Spearman Rank Correlation (all significant at p < .0001)