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Archived Comments for: A Frailty Instrument for primary care: findings from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)

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  1. Translated SHARE-FI calculators

    Roman Romero-Ortuno, Department of Medical Gerontology, Trinity College Dublin

    23 May 2011

    Note from the authors:

    Please note that translated versions of the SHARE-FI calculators can be found on:

    Roman Romero-Ortuno

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  2. Grip strength measurement protocol

    Roman Romero-Ortuno, Department of Medical Gerontology, Trinity College Dublin

    6 July 2011

    Note from the authors:

    In SHARE, handgrip strength (Kg) was assessed using a Smedley dynamometer (S Dynamometer, TTM, Tokyo, 100 Kg), according to the following measurement protocol:

    "Participants were instructed to stand (preferably) or sit, with the elbow at 90°, the wrist in neutral position, keeping the upper arm tight against the trunk, and the inner lever of the dynamometer adjusted to suit the hand; and they were then instructed to squeeze as hard as possible for a few seconds"

    For more information, please see: Mohd Hairi F, Mackenbach JP, Andersen-Ranberg K, Avendano M. Does socio-economic status predict grip strength in older Europeans? Results from the SHARE study in non-institutionalised men and women aged 50+. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2010;64:829-37.

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  3. Correction: predicted DFS formula for males

    Roman Romero-Ortuno, Trinity College Dublin

    7 March 2012

    Please note:

    On the final online version of the article (, there is a typographical error on the predicted DFS formula for males.

    The male formula needs to have the negative value "-0.4653" as the Grip strength multiplier, as shown below:

    DFS (males) = (2.280336 * Fatigue - 0.592393) * 0.3762 + (4.058274 * Loss of
    appetite - 0.263501) * 0.3130 + (0.092326 * Grip strength - 3.986646) * -0.4653 +
    (3.098226 * Functional difficulties - 0.365971) * 0.6146 + (1.005942 * Physical
    activity - 1.571803) * 0.4680

    The correct formula (as shown above) can also be seen in the final pre-publication version of the article (Resubmission - Version 2:

    This correction does not affect the online SHARE-FI calculator (Additional file 2,, which is based on the correct formula.

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