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Table 1 Complete overview on assessments used in the ActiFE Ulm study

From: Accelerometer-based physical activity in a large observational cohort - study protocol and design of the activity and function of the elderly in Ulm (ActiFE Ulm) study

Domain Type of Assessment Notes Origin
Physical activity Accelerometer (activPAL™) Continuously over 7 days From ActiFE Ulm
  Activity diary Own development From ActiFE Ulm
  LAPAQ From the LASA study - Amsterdam From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
Physical functioning Short Physical Performance Battery   From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  Basal and Instrumental Activities of Daily Living From the LASA study including additional items From ActiFE Ulm
  Handgrip Strength JAMAR dynamometer From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
Falls risk factors Prospective 1 year falls calendar Own development From ActiFE Ulm
  Falls history 3 and 12 months From ActiFE Ulm
  Level of fatigue, level of dizziness Numerical rating scales From ActiFE Ulm
  Falls Efficacy Scale - International; Short Form Falls-related self efficacy From ActiFE Ulm
Medication Medication barcode scan By hand if no barcode available From IMCA-RHSE Core Q
  Prospective 1 year "change of medication calendar" Own development From ActiFE Ulm
Incontinence International Consultation on Incontinence Q. - Short Form Including additional items on overactive bladder and fecal incontinence From ActiFE Ulm
Affective state Psychological distress, exhaustion Numerical rating scales From ActiFE Ulm
  Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale   From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
Medical status and medical history Medical history/Comorbidity Functional Comorbidity Index can be derived from items From IMCA-RHSE Core Q
  Respiratory risk factors including smoking   From IMCA-RHSE Core Q
  Alcohol Derived from MONICA From ActiFE Ulm
  Near vision Snellens' Tumbling E's From ActiFE Ulm
  Hearing Interviewers' impression From ActiFE Ulm
  Height/weight Digitally measured From IMCA-RHSE Core M
  Lung function (pre- and post-bronchodilatator spirometry) Digitally measured From IMCA_RHSE Core M
  Structured Pain Interview Abbreviated version From ActiFE Ulm
  Blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation Digitally measured From IMCA-RHSE Core M
Cognition Mini Mental State Exam   From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  Category fluency   From ActiFE Ulm
  Letter sorting   From ActiFE Ulm
  Episodic Memory, word list learning   From ActiFE Ulm
  Episodic Memory, visual Memory   From ActiFE Ulm
  Cognitive estimation tasks   From ActiFE Ulm
Subjective health Short Form - 12 (Quality of Life)   From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
Nutrition Dietary supplements Vitamins, minerals, yeast, garlic, fibre, others From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  Mini Nutritional Assessment   From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  Body Composition 3-point calliper examination From ActiFE Ulm
Social context Environmental context Selected questions from the ENABLE-AGE Project From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  Lubben Social Network Scale 6-item version From IMCA-RHSE Optional Q
  emotional loneliness Numerical rating scale  
Health care utilization Hospital/outpatient health care utilization   From IMCA-RHSE Core Q
Specimens Blood: EDTA, Serum, Lithium-Heparin Separate informed consent From ActiFE Ulm
  Urine Mid stream morning void  
Short Questionnaire 8 selected questions on COPD/Asthma   From IMCA-RHSE
  2 ADL Questions   From ActiFE Ulm
  1 question on Physical Activity   From ActiFE Ulm
  Demographics   From IMCA-RHSE
  1. ActiFE Ulm = Activity and Function in the Elderly in Ulm
  2. ADL = Activities of Daily Living
  3. COPD = Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  4. EDTA = Ethylenediaminetetraacetate
  5. ENABLE-AGE = Enabling Autonomy, Participation and Well-Being in Old Age: The Home Environment as a Determinant for Healthy Ageing
  6. IMCA-RHSE = Indicators for Monitoring COPD & Asthma - Respiratory Health Survey in the Elderly
  7. LAPAQ = Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam Physical Activity Questionnaire
  8. LASA = Longitudinal Ageing Study Amsterdam
  9. MONICA = Monitoring Cardiovascular disease
  10. Q. = Questionnaire