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BMC Geriatrics

Health services research

Section edited by Koen Milisen

The section considers manuscripts on management of elderly healthcare, practitioner/nursing viewpoints, finance (from a health service perspective), intensive care, systems, emergency care, admissions data/management, prescribing practices/errors, decision making, care homes/facilities, technology.

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  1. Content type: Study protocol

    Older adults living in long term care (LTC) homes are nutritionally vulnerable, often consuming insufficient energy, macro- and micronutrients to sustain their health and function. Multiple factors are propose...

    Authors: Heather H. Keller, Natalie Carrier, Susan Slaughter, Christina Lengyel, Catriona M. Steele, Lisa Duizer, K. Steve Brown, Habib Chaudhury, Minn N. Yoon, Alison M. Duncan, Veronique M. Boscart, George Heckman and Lita Villalon

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2017 17:15

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Study protocol

    Older inpatients are at risk of hospital-associated geriatric syndromes including delirium, functional decline, incontinence, falls and pressure injuries. These contribute to longer hospital stays, loss of ind...

    Authors: Alison M. Mudge, Merrilyn D. Banks, Adrian G. Barnett, Irene Blackberry, Nicholas Graves, Theresa Green, Gillian Harvey, Ruth E. Hubbard, Sharon K. Inouye, Sue Kurrle, Kwang Lim, Prue McRae, Nancye M. Peel, Jessica Suna and Adrienne M. Young

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2017 17:11

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research Article

    Evidence regarding outcomes in the Geriatric Day Hospital (GDH) model of care has been largely inconclusive, possibly due to measurement issues. This prospective cohort study aims to determine whether treatmen...

    Authors: Paige Moorhouse, Olga Theou, Sherri Fay, Miranda McMillan, Heather Moffatt and Kenneth Rockwood

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2017 17:9

    Published on:

  4. Content type: Research Article

    Dementia is one of the most challenging age-related illnesses for family caregivers, whose care-related burden is well known. Research indicates that day care centres (DCCs) can reduce the caregiver burden and...

    Authors: Signe Tretteteig, Solfrid Vatne and Anne Marie Mork Rokstad

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2017 17:5

    Published on:

  5. Content type: Research Article

    Pressures on informal caregivers are likely to increase due to increasing life expectancy and health care costs, which stresses the importance of prevention of subjective burden. The present study examined the...

    Authors: Marloes Oldenkamp, Mariët Hagedoorn, Joris Slaets, Ronald Stolk, Rafael Wittek and Nynke Smidt

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:208

    Published on:

  6. Content type: Study protocol

    Fall incidents are the third cause of chronic disablement in elderly according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Recent meta-analyses shows that a multifactorial falls risk assessment and management prog...

    Authors: Alessandro Giordano, Gian Pietro Bonometti, Fabio Vanoglio, Mara Paneroni, Palmira Bernocchi, Laura Comini and Amerigo Giordano

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:209

    Published on:

  7. Content type: Research Article

    Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) infection (CDI) is the leading cause of nosocomial diarrhea in the United States. This study aimed to examine the incidence of CDI and evaluate mortality and economic burden o...

    Authors: Holly Yu, Onur Baser and Li Wang

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:193

    Published on:

  8. Content type: Research Article

    The concept of frailty, a relative state of weakness reflecting multiple functional and health domains, continues to receive attention within the geriatrics field. It offers a summary of key personal character...

    Authors: John N. Morris, Elizabeth P. Howard and Knight R. Steel

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:188

    Published on:

  9. Content type: Research article

    Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) are the most frequent cause of diarrhoea in hospitals. Geriatric patients are more often affected by the condition, by a relapse and complications. Therefore, a crucial ques...

    Authors: Klaus Nissle, Daniel Kopf and Alexander Rösler

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:185

    Published on:

  10. Content type: Research Article

    Patients with dementia have increased healthcare utilization and often have comorbid chronic conditions. It is not clear if the increase in utilization is driven by dementia, the comorbidities or both. The obj...

    Authors: Lauren E. Griffith, Andrea Gruneir, Kathryn Fisher, Dilzayn Panjwani, Sima Gandhi, Li Sheng, Amiram Gafni, Christopher Patterson, Maureen Markle-Reid and Jenny Ploeg

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:177

    Published on:

  11. Content type: Research article

    The population of people with dementia is not homogeneous. People with dementia exhibit a wide range of needs, each characterized by diverse factors including age, sex, ethnicity, and place of residence. These...

    Authors: Stephen Czarnuch, Rose Ricciardelli and Alex Mihailidis

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:143

    Published on:

  12. Content type: Research article

    It is unknown to what extent General Practitioners (GPs) manage hypertension (HT) differently in older patients, as compared to younger age groups. The purpose of our study was to compare HT management in olde...

    Authors: C. G. H. Blok, M. A. J. de Ridder, K. M. C. Verhamme and P. W. Moorman

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:142

    Published on:

  13. Content type: Research Article

    The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) has been shown to effectively prevent delirium and functional decline in older patients in acute care, but has not been examined in a rehabilitation setting. This pilot s...

    Authors: Kelsey Huson, Paul Stolee, Nancy Pearce, Corrie Bradfield and George A. Heckman

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:140

    Published on:

  14. Content type: Research article

    It is not known if there is a differential impact on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) diagnosis and outcomes if/when patients are diagnosed with cognitive decline by specialists versus non-specialists. This study exam...

    Authors: Noam Y. Kirson, Urvi Desai, Ljubica Ristovska, Alice Kate G. Cummings, Howard G. Birnbaum, Wenyu Ye, J. Scott Andrews, Daniel Ball and Kristin Kahle-Wrobleski

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:138

    Published on:

  15. Content type: Research Article

    Evaluating different approaches to identifying frail home care clients at heightened risk for adverse health outcomes is an important but understudied area. Our objectives were to determine the prevalence and ...

    Authors: Michael A. Campitelli, Susan E. Bronskill, David B. Hogan, Christina Diong, Joseph E. Amuah, Sudeep Gill, Dallas Seitz, Kednapa Thavorn, Walter P. Wodchis and Colleen J. Maxwell

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:133

    Published on:

  16. Content type: Research article

    In Sweden the national fundamental values for care of older people state that care should ensure that they can live in dignity and with a sense of well-being. Our hypothesis was that a caregiver intervention t...

    Authors: Charlotte Roos, Marit Silén, Bernice Skytt and Maria Engström

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:130

    Published on:

  17. Content type: Research Article

    Older patients undergoing surgery tend to have a higher frequency of delirium. Delirium is strongly associated with poor surgical outcomes. This study evaluated the association between pre-operative medication...

    Authors: Young Mi Jeong, Eunsook Lee, Kwang-Il Kim, Jee Eun Chung, Hae In Park, Byung Koo Lee and Hye Sun Gwak

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:134

    Published on:

  18. Content type: Research article

    The QUALIDEM is a dementia-specific Quality of life (Qol) instrument that is recommended for longitudinal studies and advanced stages of dementia. Our study aimed to develop a user guide for the German version...

    Authors: Martin Nikolaus Dichter, Christian G. G. Schwab, Gabriele Meyer, Sabine Bartholomeyczik and Margareta Halek

    Citation: BMC Geriatrics 2016 16:126

    Published on:

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