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Table 1 Eligibility criteria

From: A clinicopathological study of selected cognitive impairment cases in Lothian, Scotland: enhanced CJD surveillance in the 65 + population group

  Inclusion Criteria Exclusion Criteria
Cases • Patients aged 65 years or above
• Patients who have features considered clinically ‘atypical’ or unusual for the recognised forms dementia e.g. cerebellar ataxia, rapid progression, and sensory features
• Patients below 65 years at the time of referral
• Patients diagnosed with a clear alternative pathology e.g., positive diagnostic genetic tests for a known inherited dementia (excluding prion disease); a clear psychiatric diagnosis; space-occupying lesions; neuroinflammatory or neuroinfectious conditions; a history and documented radiological evidence of a cerebral insult temporally related to the onset of symptoms
Site/Specialty clinics in NHS Lothian • Ann Rowling Clinic (ARC)
• Neurology
• Psychiatry of old age,
• Medicine of the elderly
• Specialised dementia clinics out-with the NHS Lothian Health Board
• All other specialty clinics except those in the inclusion criteria