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Table 1 Study timeline

From: Effect of a multicomponent exercise program and cognitive stimulation (VIVIFRAIL-COGN) on falls in frail community older persons with high risk of falls: study protocol for a randomized multicenter control trial

  Screening T0
6 W
6 M
9 M
12 M
Primary outcome
  Number of self-reported falls   X X X X X X
Secondary outcomes
  Risk of falls
  Usual Gait Speed (UGS)
  Time up and Go (TUG)
X    X    
  Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB)   X X X    
  Barthel index (BI) X   X X X X X
  Frailty Linda Fried criteria X    X    
  Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)   X X X    
  Garvan fracture risk calculator   X   X X X X
  Yesavage GDS Scale   X   X X X X
  UGS with dual tasking   X X X    
  Clinical criteria of sarcopenia   X   X    
  Maximal isometric force of handgrip, knee extension and hip flexion   X X X    
  Fear of falling (STAC)   X   X X X X
  Quality of life (EQ-5D)   X   X X X X
  Previous lifestyle   X      
  Trail Making Test (TMT – Part A)   X X X    
  1RM (Leg press)   X X X    
  Muscular power at 50% 1RM in leg press   X X X    
  Polypharmacy   X   X X X X
  Cumulative Illness Rating Scale for Geriatrics (CIRS-G)   X      
  Mini Nutritional Assessment Test (MNA)   X      
  Acceleration data: gait kinematic parameters (regularity, variability, cadence), Five Times Sit to Stand Test (peak power, impulse) and balance parameters (power spectrum, area)   X X X    
  Muscular Echo intensity and thickness (ultrasound)   X   X    
  Mortality   X X X X X X
  Admissions to emergency room and hospitalizations   X X X X X X
  Institutionalization   X X X X X X