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Table 4 Inter-item correlation of OPQoL-brief items

From: Psychometric properties of the Czech version of the brief Older People Quality of Life questionnaire (OPQoL-brief)

  I1 I2i 3i 4i I5 I6 I7 I8 I9 I10 I11 I12
I1 1.000            
I2 0.672a 1.000           
I3 0.507a 0.495a 1.000          
I4 0.333a 0.353a 0.408a 1.000         
I5 0.625a 0.623a 0.530a 0.449a 1.000        
I6 0.495a 0.555a 0.455a 0.385a 0.616a 1.000       
I7 0.515a 0.516a 0.665a 0.401a 0.530a 0.566a 1.000      
I8 0.601a 0.610a 0.498a 0.424a 0.634a 0.610a 0.603a 1.000     
I9 0.384a 0.406a 0.394a 0.392a 0.447a 0.435a 0.447a 0.517a 1.000    
I10 0.454a 0.479a 0.404a 0.480a 0.516a 0.476a 0.467a 0.600a 0.641a 1.000   
I11 0.515a 0.516a 0.450a 0.558a 0.552a 0.526a 0.518a 0.595a 0.508a 0.641a 1.000  
I12 0.583a 0.553a 0.448a 0.402a 0.577a 0.492a 0.488a 0.589a 0.501a 0.548a 0.619a 1.000
I13 0.372a 0.351a 0.393a 0.369a 0.369a 0.392a 0.451a 0.417a 0.418a 0.466a 0.454a 0.500a
  1. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level