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Table 4 Investments and enhancements needed to make nursing home telemedicine encounters easier and more effective

From: There and back again: the shape of telemedicine in U.S. nursing homes following COVID-19

Category of Enhancements NH Staff (n = 9) UW APPs (n = 8) Subspecialist (n = 7)
Equipment and Infrastructure
 NHs should invest in dedicated and adequate/appropriate equipment to conduct telemedicine visit (e.g., laptop or tablet) 6/9 3/8 7/7
 Telemedicine visits could be enhanced through purchasing and making available sound amplification devices for use with hard of hearing individuals 5/9 7/8 6/7
 Telemedicine visits could be enhanced through the availability of a stethoscope device to conduct remote heart and lung exams 0/9 7/8 1/7
 Telemedicine equipment should have enhanced video capabilities to allow for a better view of the patient on camera 2/9 N/A 2/7
 NHs should invest in the infrastructure necessary to support telemedicine visits through improved connectivity and bandwidth 1/9 5/8 7/7
 NHs should develop or invest in an improved and standardized system for scheduling telemedicine visits 7/9 5/8 2/7
 NHs should designate a point person to schedule telemedicine visits 6/9 N/A 1/7
 NHs should consider scheduling telemedicine visits in pre-determined blocks of time with adequate pre and post visit time to allow for NH staff prep and follow-up 3/9 N/A 2/7
Information Exchange
 NHs and providers should work together to provide remote access to NH electronic health records to facilitate telemedicine visit preparation and pre-charting activities 4/9 4/8 2/7
 NHs should create policies and procedures that template the expectations about how a telemedicine should be conducted 2/9 N/A 3/7
Telemedicine Encounter Facilitator
 NHs should identify and dedicate staff to facilitate telemedicine visits 6/9 7/8 6/7
 NH telemedicine encounter facilitator should be a clinician (I.e., RN or LPN) who can conduct telemedicine visit requested assessments making the visits more efficient and effective 5/9 7/8 6/7
  1. APPs Advanced Practice Providers, NH Nursing Home, N/A Not applicable because the code or item was not addressed in the quantitative APP survey