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Table 2 Characteristics of online training program participants

From: Development, evaluation, and implementation of an online pain assessment training program for staff in rural long-term care facilities: a case series approach

Facility A B C D E F G
Total N=21 N=8 N=12 N=16 N=14 N=11 N=17
Missing Data N=1 N=1 N=2 N=9 N=2 N=2 N=4
Age M=44.00 M=50.00 M=40.80 M=35.86 M=40.58 M=43.78 M=42.92
SD=11.98 SD=10.60 SD=11.68 SD=10.87 SD=14.25 SD=11.04 SD=12.60
Experience M=12.65 M=18.43 M=11.40 M=6.57 M=10.92 M=10.89 M=8.15
SD=10.06 SD=11.65 SD=9.89 SD=8.36 SD=11.10 SD=10.42 SD=7.02
Males N=1 N=0 N=0 N=0 N=0 N=0 N=1
%=5.00 SD=0.00 SD=0.00 SD=0.00 SD=0.00 SD=0.00 SD=7.69
Females N=19 N=7 N=10 N=7 N=12 N=9 N=12
%=95.00 %=100.00 %=100.00 %=100.00 %=100.00 %=100.00 %=92.31
Nurses N=7 N=7 N=7 N=3 N=8 N=6 N=4
%=35.00 %=100.00 %=70.00 %=42.86 %=66.67 %=66.67 %=30.77
Care Aides N=13 N=0 N=3 N=4 N=4 N=3 N=9
%=65.00 %=0.00 %=30.00 %=57.14 %=33.33 %=33.33 %=69.23